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Overview about Our Safari Experience

We have developed several unique itineraries that have been designed to accommodate your particular situation.  For example, families with children often like fun activities incorporated into the trip to break up the long drives, while honeymooners may prefer more intimate experiences with luxury accommodations. There are also itineraries which track the great migration according to the season, or another where you can see the resident animals and big cats all year round.

All the itineraries are customizable according to accommodation, and these are often the major contributors to the differences in price among itineraries. Sample prices are given for these itineraries using specific accommodations.  Substitutions of accommodations, even within the same class, can change the cost to some degree. Sometimes the same accommodation is used for all the classes, as other types of lodges may not be available in that region.

For some itineraries, particularly those for tracking the migration, there are several options to extend the safari. The itineraries that are listed are simply the minimum days required according to the focus, for example, seeing the migration. We try to prioritize ways to extend the safari in terms of what our aim is. However, you are free to choose how to extend the safari.

These itineraries can be used as examples or be booked as is. We encourage personalizing your itinerary to ensure that you have a unique experience, so please be sure to check out our Planning Your Safari page to create a fantastic adventure.  As always, we are here if you have any questions

Overland Safaris

Overland safaris are those where you drive to all your destinations in the northern circuit. The good thing about these safaris is that you are able to see a lot of the countryside and the local culture of Tanzania, and even get the chance to stop by some interesting sites on the way, such as Olduvai Gorge, and the shifting sands. However, you do consume more time as compared to the flying and overland safaris. Also, due to so much driving, this can be called an Adventure Safari.

Flying Safaris

With Flying Safaris; you fly to and from each national park. With this option, you maximize your time game driving within the park and also see the country from above. But you do miss out on seeing the countryside up close and personal as you would with overland safaris. You also have to be ready to prepare for a flight every time you are transferring to another national park, which means transportation to the airport, waiting on the flight, passenger loading, take-off, etc. and then landing, passenger exit etc. This option is also not recommended for large groups. This option is best if you are only going to Ngorongoro Crater and Serengeti and Zanzibar. Once you get to the national park, we personally pick you up for the game drive. However, in accordance with your accommodation, if you are located in particularly luxury accommodations in Serengeti, your staff will pick you up for game driving and other activities.

Flying & Overland Safaris

With these safaris, you begin with a flight to the Serengeti, and drive back to Arusha visiting all the national parks described on the way. Another option is to drive to the national parks on the way to Serengeti, and then take a flight back to Arusha. This has all the benefits of the overland safari, since you get to see a lot of the countryside as well, but you don’t waste too much time driving. You also get to see Tanzania from above, which is quite a sight to see. However, since the space on the planes which go to these national parks is limited, this option is not recommended for very large groups, e.g. groups of 8 or more. This Safari is suitable for private tours, family tours and honeymooners.

More About Integrating Flights Into Your Safari

Tanzania, an East African country with a great expanse; is one of Africa’s most unique destinations and home to large concentrations of wildlife and birdlife that are found at all national parks and game reserves.
Its vastness attracts the desire of countless who want to experience the beauty of parks like Selous, Ruaha, Gombe and Mahale, which are mostly only accessible by air. Such adventurous attractions have led various airline companies to action so tourists can reach these parks and revel in their beauty. Visits to these key national parks like the Ngorongoro and Serengeti, often visited by tourists in large numbers due to its close and convenient proximity to Arusha town; are now being combined with remote parks like Selous and Ruaha to create a perfect combination of a genuine, authentic and true African safari experience.
Wanderlust Africa Safari (WAS) operates safaris to Tanzania’s major national parks and reserves via air access starting from 3 cities/towns: Arusha, Dar es Salaam and Zanzibar

The key advantages of scheduled transfers via air to various destinations include:

  • Quick Access:

    Access to the various parks allows our guests to reach their destinations in the quickest time, thus permitting them to maximize their experiences at Tanzania’s parks and reserves with minimal time physically spent getting to the park.
  • Comfort:

    Many clients that often want to avoid the hassle of driving on uneven or bumpy roads for long periods select air access, since it is a better alternative. Fact is: the road to the Serengeti National Park is a 7-hour drive. In comparison, it takes 1½ hour to reach the park by air.
  • Convenience:

    Flying by air is also very convenient in terms of interwoven schedules. Flying by air avoids deadlines of getting to the parks by a certain time before it closes. Most lodges are also served by airstrips that are in close proximity, allowing for additional time to relax and enjoy nature before departure.
  • Discerning & Remote Park Visits:

    There are several destinations in Tanzania where specialized terrain enabled vehicles driven by highly specialized guides and drivers provide superior guiding. These include parks like Selous and Ruaha where the best and most effective way would be via air access.
  • Game Drive With 4WD Vehicles:

    The standard vehicle of choice selected by all the lodges and camps around Tanzania are open 4-Wheel Drive vehicles such as the Toyota Land-Cruisers. The esthetics and feeling of undertaking game drives and game viewing in a 4WD is an experience enjoyed by many. The experiences offered for game driving include seat-in shared game viewing or exclusive guide and vehicle-use safaris.
  • Cost Efficiency:

    The significant reduction in the cost and operations of park transfers via air (in comparison to yesteryear) and small difference in price for a competing road safari along with advantages highlighted above is making economic sense to many guests visiting Tanzania.

Characteristics of Tanzania Safaris By Air
Wanderlust Africa Safaris (WAS) provides the following safari services for our Tanzania air safari in chronological order:
• Meet and greet services from a city/beach hotel or International Airport from an outbound flight.
• Transfer to the airport serving the destinations you will be visiting.
• Specific lodge/camp airstrip drop-off arrangements with the airline.
• Airstrip arrival meet, greet and transfers to your lodge or luxury camp.
• Confirmed and prepaid accommodation, meals, taxes and game drive program while on safari.
• Return scheduled airstrip transfer services.
• Scheduled specific lodge/camp pickup services by airline.
• Arrival meet, greet and transfer services to city/beach hotel or international airport for outbound departure.
Destinations Served Using Air Safaris
Tanzania National Parks Flight Connections:
• Selous Game Reserve
• Ruaha National Park
• Gombe Stream National Park Combination Of Air & Boat Services
• Mahale Mountains National Park Combination Of Air & Boat Services
• Katavi National Park
• Serengeti National Park
• Lake Manyara National Park
• Tarangire National Park
• Mikumi National Park
• Saadani National Park

Tanzania Cities & Towns Flight Connections are: => Arusha , Dar es Salaam, Zanzibar and Kigoma