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Our aim is to help you find your true safari vacation in Africa — we develop your best self-experiences. We provide seamless customer service, assisting clients in every aspect of their trip to create flawless travel experiences time and time again.

The passion to guide travelers to their desired destinations has led Wanderlust Africa Safaris to become among of the top travel companies in the country. We designing incentive trip, or an unforgettable personal vacation, a commitment to the needs of the customer allow our staff to offer an unmatched experience for the vacation traveler. This unwavering focus, in addition to a dynamic, energetic and exciting travel culture, ensures our customers have access to industry-leading tools and technology, supported by the genuine care and concern of our 100 associates.


As much as we are uncomfortable about blowing our own trumpets we strongly believe that a journey in Africa should not be undertaken lightly and that we are most experienced operator for the job. Whilst putting in place arrangements on the ground in Africa yourself is possible and the DIY approach can work if you are comfortable with the huge amounts of work and planning that is needed, the pitfalls are also numerous as well as the many hidden costs. However its our expertise in creating unique inspirational journeys as well as our in country back up and a fleet of well equipped vehicles that can travel across borders that makes us unique. Below are a few more reasons why we think that you should let us create your journey in EAST Africa.

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  • We Have a Fair Pricing Policy

    We are confident that we can match any prices for the package we offer. Our service is unique in its extensiveness so it’s important you know what you’d lose by not booking with us. Plus if you want even better value we can offer you discounts by either booking well in advance or traveling at a quieter time of year.
  • We are African Ground Operator

    Because we are a ground operator in Africa you benefit from not paying middle man charges. The other benefit of this is that you will not be handed on to sub-contractors and other suppliers once in East Africa. Our ground team takes a personal interest in ensuring that you have the best and safest time possible and their briefings give you the up to date information on your travel itinerary and road conditions. Our in country briefings and introductory vehicle driver training and key parts of your journey preparation with Safari Vacation.
  • The Best Safari vehicles

    The equipment that we provide is unique to Wanderlust and specially developed to be sturdy and robust in the conditions that you will encounter. Our latest Safari Land Cruiser vehicles have been developed and equipped as the best expedition vehicles in East Africa and these are especially good for families with everything that a family might need for their safari adventure. Uniquely we have our own fleet insurance policy that covers all our vehicles and if the worst happens we have a no quibble policy and will replace your vehicle quickly so that you are back on track with your holiday with the minimum delay.
  • You’re Safety and Security Comes First

    It’s the back up on the ground that’s important as we are incredibly aware of all the many problems that can occur in East Africa. Simply put, we have been around longer and have the most experience in managing guided safari vacations. The team at our bases has the experience to put it right with the minimum of fuss and expense. This is why we still include satellite radio call in all vehicles as you can be sure that the cell coverage will not work when you are in a remote area. We also include free calls to WAS and we are on call 24 hours a day to solve problems. We include flying Doctor services in our prices which mean that should you be involved in an accident on the East African roads the Air evacuation medical rescue will take place immediately without having to check with your insurer that you have coverage.
  • The Inspiration For Your Journey

    Arranging a Vacation/holidays safari is not just about some camping equipment, a vehicle and google research! Its about far more than that and if you get it wrong not only will you have wasted a lot of money and ruined your holiday, you will be left with a poor impression of Africa, its National Parks, its people and maybe put yourselves at risk. Every journey that we create is unique and adapted to suit individual needs and budgets. It starts with a discussion about what you are hoping to achieve and how best we can fulfill your dreams. We use our knowledge of 24 years of Wanderlust Africa Safaris operations and combine that with all the many years of experience on the ground from our local teams that have up to the minute knowledge of the local conditions to create what we believe is the best safari experience available.